Your questions, wishes and ideas are developed into a concept design. Every space gets its own unique design, from living room to bedroom and from office to retail space. We collaborate with you to ensure that we will make the most out of every space. We will create your ideal living or work space that has a perfect balance between comfort and functionality. During this project we will supervise the renovation to make sure that everything goes as planned and stays within budget. 

No.1 |  Personal guidence

No.2 | Planning & organisation

No.3 | Concept design

No.4 | Color & material plan

No.5 |  Furniture design

No.6 | Light design

No.7 | Technical details

No.8 | Styling



With a previously discussed budget the property will be completely turnkey furnished. By offering the house fully furnished the property can be rented out faster and for a higher price. Together with my team I provide furniture, accessories and a homely atmosphere. When I say turnkey, I really mean turnkey. From household appliances to matching tableware and bed linen. The tenant will feel at home immediately. The only thing you’ll have to do is unpack. 

No.1 | The budget is completely up to you

No.2 | Purchasing furniture, accessories and appliances

No.3 | Professional styling for every room

No.4 | Includes transport and assembly

No.6 | Modern look that will last for a long time



A well styled property is sold faster and can lead to an increase in value. Our goal is to help real estate agents project developers and investors to finding more potential buyers and maximise the sale and rental price of their homes. It is important to differentiate the property from others on the market and create a personal and unique style for each property. By completely furnishing the house you can make the house more appealing for a larger target group. This can result in more viewings and faster sales. 

No.1 | Discuss the budget and the general design goals

No.2 | A custom proposal to suit your needs, including furniture, pricing and timeline

No.3 |Installing all furniture, equipment and decoration in just 1 day

No.4 Clearing all furniture, equipment and decoration in just 1 day







"A personal and unique styles for each property."